It’s been awhile

A lot has happened since I last wrote a post.  A LOT.  Specifically, life happened.  My life seemed to get more complicated with each passing day, week, month after having my second child.  Where to begin?  I had a touch of post partum depression that kicked in right around the time of my last post, … Continue reading It’s been awhile

Baby has a crib!

I resisted it. I didn’t want to buy a second crib. Some experienced moms with kids in elementary school and high school helped me see the light though. They all said they tried to put their first kids into a toddler bed too soon and should have waited as long as possible. For once, I … Continue reading Baby has a crib!

She’s Here!!

I gave birth to our daughter on May 22nd.  It’s been a whirlwind few weeks of family and visitors who have come to meet our little girl or help while my husband has been out of town for work.  We’ve named her Emmeline and she is perfect in everyway possible! The labor went beautifully and … Continue reading She’s Here!!

Less than 50 days

I’ve still got the big DIY project in the oven.  Baby number two is due in less than 50 days.  We been awash in activity these past two months.  It’s taken some time to get settled into the new house and to find a good routine.  Having a toddler means that your routine is constantly … Continue reading Less than 50 days

It’s A…..

Chaos ensues in the Cookin household!!  We are hanging out in Limbo, somewhere between packed for a move and waiting for renovation work to be done before we move in.  The in-between-ness of this short (but lingering) stage of our becoming homeowners is making me cray-zee!  To keep myself occupied in the meantime I’m working … Continue reading It’s A…..