Weekend Daze

4 thoughts on “Weekend Daze”

  1. You know when we were in Denver I found an awesome knitting group through Meet Up & Yahoo Groups. Also, maybe through the local knitting shop. It’s not like knitting is the only group you could join but it does seems like a good way to meet more chics who you at least have one thing in common with. Or maybe join a pregnancy related class, like Belly Dancing for Baby or Prenatal Yoga.
    Once you get to a certain age there are just less people that you get to meet in a situation to be friends with. It is a bummer but that is kind of inevitable I think.

      1. Jenn,
        You really are the best friend a girl could have! Thanks for the group suggestion, I sent them a request to join, we’ll see what happens. I was thinking yesterday after my post that I needed to start a girls-night here with the people I do know and have them bring friends. I’ll probably try to set something up with the help of my sister-in-law (she knows a lot of people here). I hope your canning classes are going well! I’ll be home in a couple of weeks and give you a call when I’m in town! – A

  2. Ah, I remember these things well! I rocked a lot of the stretchy gaucho pants when I was in that tricky in between time. Those, and longer tops. But I’m still wearing a lot of my maternity stuff five months later. You might not think you’re big enough for maternity shopping yet, but you might be surprised by how much more comfortable you might be in the pants and how well cute babydoll maternity tops can mask a questionable early or post-baby belly! And remember, there’s no prize for holding out on maternity wear!

    As for the friends issue, you can call me anytime and I’ll gladly talk all things baby with you! Or even better, we can set up a Skype coffee date!

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