A Birthday Dinner

2 thoughts on “A Birthday Dinner”

    1. No specific recipe. I could come up with one, but my stuff always comes out a little different each time. This lasagna was pretty much the same as what you made from Paula Deen’s recipe. Who btw, I had the chance to meet last summer when she came to the wilderness lodge where we working in Alaska for her Jan/Feb 2011 magazine issue!! It was fun.
      For my meat sauce – I use half Johnsonville Italian sausage (no casings) and half ground beef, one can of tomato paste and two cans of crushed tomatoes or a quart of homemade canned tomatoes, sauteed onion and garlic and then whatever seasons I have oregano/pesto/parsley. As for the homemade ricotta, I have a post from earlier this year with instructions on how to make it. Last but not least, making the lasagna the night before you want to bake it makes all the flavors blend and deepen – totally worth the patience! Thanks for checking out Doing.

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