7 weeks

3 thoughts on “7 weeks”

  1. Hey cuz,
    BTW I cloth diap’d the boys- What dipes are you loving/using/wanting but not getting for yourself- I will still be doing CD for probably a year as boys are pottytrained a bit later, so it def. saves a ton of $ in the long run, and lots of bad chemicals to boot- let me know if you have an questions on any of it!

    1. Didn’t know that! Feel free to send me all your used dipes when you’re done! – I’ll pay for shipping!
      We’re loving our prefolds and covers right now b/c we have a diaper service for now. But at some point this year we’ll switch to purchasing our own set and laundering them ourselves.

      1. I use FLIP with inserts, and have 2 of ea. Fuzzybuns, size large, os, Bum Genius 4.0, and G-Diaps with cotton inserts. I will definitely send, but to be honest by the time I am done with them, they will be trashed- I already have replaced the velcro in all of them- and the ones with snaps will wear out too, as I have another year…I will def. send you all my inserts though- the RockinGreen detergent is what i use, but Charlie Soap was another that my friend’s all used. Prefolds never worked for us, as both boys got rashy from them…Best of luck! Do you have the sprayer?

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