Doing: Make your own Thieves Oil

4 thoughts on “Doing: Make your own Thieves Oil”

  1. Mm, that smells good – well, I’m guessing 🙂
    My kids like to “help” with the cleaning (the biggest one really can help, but doesn’t like to as much any more!), and of course their favourite thing is spraying! So I usually just add a little vinegar to some water and tell them to go for it. But I think I’m going to try this now. Thanks for the recipe 🙂

    (BTW, I just dropped over from ApronStringz- hi!)

    1. It does smell good! I’d describe it as spicy and clean. I really like how it make my butcher block island top ‘glow’. It’s also given some life back to other furniture when I dust with it. (sprayed on a cloth to wipe).

    1. I have not done much research about taking something like thieves oil internally. I wouldn’t recommend it though – at least not before talking to your physician or homeopathic practitioner. You could put this on your feet – but start with small amounts as your skin may react to those essential oils and wear grubby socks so you don’t ruin something unintentionally. I use this mostly for surfaces – diluted in water.

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