Doing: Baby Gear – Wet Bags (part 2)

5 thoughts on “Doing: Baby Gear – Wet Bags (part 2)”

  1. I know this post is from a long time ago but I am interested in making this type of bag. Do they tend to leak at the sewn edges or zipper?

    1. I’ve never has a problem with these bags leaking – the edges are rolled for one thing. I don’t usually put dripping wet things in the bags though either – just soggy/dirty diapers or clothes. If you wanted to use this for transporting a wet swim suit – I would make sure to wring it out first.

  2. I know this is an older post, but I’m in my nesting phase for my first child and wanted to make these (Because ~$16 and some time for 6 wet bags sounds a lot better than ~$15 a piece). Just had some questions.

    How many dirty diapers do these hold?
    Did you only use these out and about, if so what did you use at home?

    1. Hi! You’re right this is an older post. In fact I haven’t been blogging for quite some time, I now have 3 kids and they keep me busy enough! But my youngest is 9 weeks old so I’m using cloth diapers and wet bags again.
      To answer your question these bags hold one diaper or two diapers if you stuff the bag. You could make the bag a little bigger. I only use these out of the house, I keep one in my diaper bag.
      At home I use a larger wet bag that I demoed in wet bags part one
      I also have made newer diaper pail bags that are shorter, only holding a dozen or so dirty diapers. Those don’t have a drawstring only fold over elastic that sandwiches the raw edge of the PUL, I found it in the cloth diapers supply section of my local fabric store….Probably a Joanne’s. All of the bags have held up well since I’m still using them with my 3rd!
      Good Luck! I hope this helped!

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