Doing: Hostess Gifts

December was pure insanity for the Cookin family and thusly, posting here did not happen.  I do want to share an idea with you though – that can be used throughout the year – just change the wrapping materials to suit the season. Because the Hubs was working crazy holiday hours at the restaurant, only … Continue reading Doing: Hostess Gifts

Oh – So That’s Where You’ve Been (or another longterm DIY)

Yup, it’s been nearly two months since I last posted.  I thought about the blog, quite a bit actually, but there’s been a lot happening.  So I purposely stayed away.  It was just too tempting to talk about things that were up in the air.  And it’s hard to take back what’s been said, especially … Continue reading Oh – So That’s Where You’ve Been (or another longterm DIY)

Ten Months

I’m having a really hard time accepting that my baby is really becoming a toddler.  He’s ten months old today!  G has been cruising furniture for a few weeks now and is determined to get into everything that is most certainly not a toy.  He’s starting to show us his food preferences, as in, he’d … Continue reading Ten Months